As a bit of a follow-up to the discussion in class the other day, I looked up densities for NYC and Hong Kong and came up with the following:

  • NYC: 27,550/sq mi (10,640/km2)
    • Boro of Manhattan: 70,518/sq mi (27,227/km2)
  • Hong Kong: 17,024/sq mi (6,544/km2)

NYC, is over 8 million people spread over about 303 sq mi (784 km2  – water excluded) but Manhattan is even more dense

Now, I know virtually nothing of Hong Kong, but I expect that, like in NYC, there is an area of higher density.  Wikipedia lists it as having 426 sq mi (1,104 km2 – including about 5% water) and a pop of 7 million.

Maybe I should look up Tokyo?