Bad Data: “How Not To Measure Traffic Congestion—Hold the Hyperbole, Please! “

The INRIX report makes several other basic errors. It describes traffic congestion as “gridlock,” a greatly abused term. Gridlock refers to a specific situation in which vehicles in a network are totally stuck due to clogged intersections. It almost never occurs.

Article: How Not To Measure Traffic Congestion—Hold the Hyperbole, Please! | Planetizen: The Urban Planning, Design, and Development Network.

I’ve only just started following Litman.  I should have followed him sooner, I think.  I can’t imagine that gridlock has actually ever happened in Oklahoma.

Pay Attention OKC! “Rethinking How To Assess Public Transit Needs”

Not a KC streetcar

Podcast: Rethinking How To Assess Public Transit Needs | KCUR.

As is often the case, Jarrett Walker talks sense about transit and has some thoughts on streetcar-before-bus systems.  OKC, pay attention!

Tracks are not enough: “A Call for Minimum Service Standards”

Article: A Call for Minimum Service Standards « The Transport Politic.

Lately, I’ve been in a mode where I can’t seem to read anything that is “too long”, which means I haven’t been keeping up with  This is unfortunate because Yonah usually has smart things to say.  Like the article above.  It may also explain the time of day this entry was posted.  :-/

The feds don’t subsidize transit operations, but they are happy to cut you a check for transit infrastructure.  Not that there’s anything wrong with building more transit infrastructure, but the thing is that once it’s built, really, you should use it.

He picks on recent streetcar systems, and rightfully so, and notes that many have been built for non-trivial sums of money and then the number of cars per hours is abysmal.  Two cars per hour, Little Rock?  Really?

If you’re going to spend 8 or 9 digits on a system (LR’s was $16M), my dog, run it more than 2-3 times per hour!

Oh, come on: “Durbin: Earmark ban preventing federal transportation bills”


Durbin said of the suggested gas tax increase, which has been pushed by transportation advocates, that he will “try find a way to put an infusion of money into the federal highway trust fund and be sensitive to the fact many highway users are struggling with their paychecks and this is an expense that hits them hard.”

via Durbin: Earmark ban preventing federal transportation bills | TheHill.

Raise the damn gasoline excise tax (sitting at $0.184 since 1993) to where it should have been had it been indexed to inflation and then index it to inflation. This is so simple for regular people and so hard for people on The Hill.