China Is Reportedly Thinking About Building a Bullet Train That Reaches America

China Is Reportedly Thinking About Building a Bullet Train That Reaches America.

This is not crazy.  It only takes cubic money, which the Chinese happen to have metric buttloads of.

Although the passenger travel will be neat, what will end up paying the freight is … um … freight.  Steel wheel on steel rail, baby.

The challenging part will be the power stations that will be needed.  Yes, plenty of ol’ up there in Alaska, but I’m not sure that’s what we want to burn to make power for the trains.

Shockwave Formation and Dissipation


Lots of interesting stuff on Dr Levinson’s blog, including wonkish stuff like this (I didn’t know this phenomenon could be measured, but leave it to the engineers and physicists). He’s pretty far to the right, though, especially given that he’s in Minnesota, so I don’t agree with everything he says (you know, except for the factual stuff). Still, worth following. Now that I’m getting the hang of “following” in WordPress.  But not reblogging.  That I haven’t gotten the hang of.

Enrique Peñalosa: Why buses represent democracy in action

This guy has what many would think is a radical socialist worldview … but really, it’s about equality.  A bus with 80 passengers should have the right to 80x the road space of a car with a single occupant.

Make sure you pay attention to the effect of automobiles on cities – 0 US automobile deaths in 1900, 7000 US children killed in 1925.