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Attitude adjustment: İETT – Tünel

Istanbul TunelLogo

İETT – Tünel.

There is a tendency, I think, to assume that anything not in North America, eastern Asia/Australia, or western Europe is “third world”.  That’s probably never been really true and it’s certainly not true today.  Example: I had no idea that Istanbul (not Constantinople) had a subway, much less that it had the 2nd oldest in the world (1871).  And that it was initially cable-hauled.  The Tünel is still in use but not directly connected to the rest of the modern system

Or that Metro Istanbul had 14,000,000 people.

And yes, it’s an intercontinental metro system

Green Wave 1

This is the one with the lit bollards in Odense, Denmark.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the actual wave as he keeps getting greens.  I assume that if you ride slower than the prescribed speed that reds would start to “catch up” to you.