About Us

Joe Simpson founded the company shortly after graduating from Texas State University in 1984. After graduation, Joe began a career as a marketing rep for a local computer software company. He quickly learned that he was not a "suit and tie, behind the desk" kind of guy. As the months slowly passed, he racked his brain trying to decide on a different career path. He needed to pursue a career doing something that he loved.

He'd always enjoyed landscaping, feeling a strong sense of satisfaction after a long days work. He'd worked summers and weekends for years to help supplement his income while getting his education. The thought had never crossed his mind that he might attempt to make a career of it. He would pray about it, and God would make it clear to him. It wasn't long before he knew that this was the path God wanted him to take.

After saving enough money to purchase the necessary equipment to get started, he quit his job, and jumped in head first. He had no idea what the future would hold. Would he succeed or fail? He would rely of his faith, hard work, and his desire to make a difference. The small company quickly grew and became a leader in the commercial landscape industry in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Simpson believes in a few basic principles of trust, honesty, and respect. It was never enough to just meet his customers expectations, he HAD TO EXCEED THEM. Simpson Landscape applies this philosophy to everything they do and to every relationship they have. It extends to their customers, employees, vendors and the community in which they serve. They will continue to serve and satisfy their customers for years to come.